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Registration Process for Battle Ground High School Tiger Football

Registration for Spring Ball and Fall ball is open for Battle Ground High School Tiger Football, and we are so glad you’ve decided to join the Tiger Football Family! There are a few registration hoops to jump through before we can welcome ya’ll in, but we’ll do our best to help you get plugged in and ready to go!

  • Spring workouts will occur Monday – Thursday during the month of May.

  • Incoming freshmen may officially begin Spring Ball May 28th.

Registration Process

Step 1

  • Navigate to BGPS TouchBase/InTouch by clicking the link button.

  • Log-In using your student's information.

    • NOTE:  it is very important that you log in with your student's information and not create your own login.

    • The student's 7 digits ID number is the username, and their last name is the password (case sensitive).​

    • If there are any private/online/homeschool students that are not enrolled as athlete's only in the BGPS building you will have to create their own login for the SUMMER ONLY.

      • When Fall registration opens up, you will have to go through the process of enrollment with the BGHS registrar's office by August 5th.

      • Once you have the enrollment confirmation and student ID, you will have to re-sign up with that information in order to participate in the Fall. ​

    • Select the student you are "shopping for".​

Step 2

  • under SHOP - select "Register for Athletics and Ativities"

  • On the next screen you will search for BGHS Football and click REGISTER.

  • The next screen will be the Player's Programs

Step 3

  • Once you are able to see BGHS Football under your Player's Programs they are Registered to play.

  • However, you must ensure that all Required Documents are completed prior to the first day of the season.

  • You must complete all of the Pending items and any of the Optional items that pertain to your player.​​

  • For the Registration Form do not leave any section blank, if it does not apply to you put "n/a" or "none".​​​
  • This Required Documents page is where you will need to upload a copy of your Physical Form, if you have not updated the physical form on file with the school in the last two years.

    • The website does not currently have a Physical Form available, but you can download a copy of the form by clicking on this link:  ​

Step 4

  • Finally - Be sure to sign up for the 2024 Parent Contact Distribution List to stay up to date on all events and changes during the season.

A couple of notes prior to Practices and the Season


  1. ALL students must turn in a WIAA Physical Participation Evaluation, signed by their doctor.

  2. Physical Eval good for two years.

  3. Physical Eval to be scanned and uploaded online via InTouch.

  4. You do not have to have Physical Eval uploaded to complete registration. However, the forms must be uploaded prior to sport participation.

  5. Students (incoming or transfer) must be prepared to provide a copy of current semester grades (Fall Ball only)


  1. Non BGHS/Prairie HS students must provide a list of current semester classes.

  2. (There are WIAA forms specific for each: Home-Based Education, Alternative Education, and Running Start.)

  3. See below note in section 9 regarding ASB Photos.

FOOTBALL CAMP - will be from June 21st - 24th and is available for incoming Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.

Register today by following the link below.


  1. All prior BGSD outstanding fines must be paid (this includes fines from elementary and middle school).

  2. There is no sport participation fee or ASB card required for Spring Ball.

  3. The sport participation fee and ASB card must be paid (Fall Ball only) prior to first game.

  4. Sports Participation & ASB Card fees may be paid online or in the ASB Office.  However, Fall Sport Participation Fees and ASB Fees cannot be collected prior to August 1, 2024

  5. Our ASB office will be closed June 27, 2024 – July 31, 2024.

  6. If the participation fee is a financial burden, financial plans can be arranged with the ASB office.

  7. ASB photos will be taken in the first few weeks after school begins & fee may be paid at the ASB office, just inside the Lair (lunchroom) of BGHS.

  8. NOTE: Lost ASB cards can be replaced in the ASB office for $5.


  1. School Photo taken September 7, 2024: 7:30am – 2:00pm

  2. BGHS Students will be assigned a time based on their classes.


    • Arrive anytime during that window.

    • Bring receipt with ID # (7 digit number on ASB receipt). It can be reprinted in the ASB office if lost.

    • No appointment for photos required.


For InTouch or ASB Questions beyond this brief summary, please contact the BGHS

ASB office, open 7:30am – 3:00pm Monday – Friday:

  1. Hannah Dollar, ASB Assistant Secretary: 

  2. Cindy Brooks, ASB Secretary:

School Website for Further Contact Info:

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