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Jayson Maddux

Quarterbacks Coach, JV OC/Backs

High School attended (and position you played): Prairie High School, Quarterback

College attended (and major): Boise State University (Exercise Science)

Western Governors University (Math Education)

Years coached: 

Years coached at BG: 2

Current occupation: Campus Security Guard, BGHS Athletic Performance Coordinator

Favorite football memory (as either a player or coach): Running in a game-winning TD against a certain cross-town rival.

Best player you’ve ever played with: Conor Rogers (Prairie) my old left tackle

Best player you’ve ever coached: Mikey Kennedy (BG) - Consistently brought all 4 pillars of The E.D.G.E.

Best player you've ever coached against: Matai Sarte (Lakes) - Not necessarily what he did on the field, but the energy he brought.

Jayson Maddux
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