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Kelly Suksdorf

Guards Coach

High School attended (and position you played): Evergreen High School, O-line, Center

College attended (and major): CityU - Special Education

Years coached: 5

Years coached at BG:  5

Current occupation: Special Education Teacher

Favorite football memory: Beating Heritage my Junior year while playing at Evergreen. We were massive underdogs in the game and pulled off an awesome upset. Coach - Getting to know the players and coaches during our Summer football camps over the years.

Best player you’ve ever played with: Jason TiaTia, he was an incredible Guard that was on the O-line I played with while at Evergreen.

Best player you’ve ever coached: Austin Martin (BG), amazing kid and football player.

Best player you've ever coached against: Union interior defensive lineman (Can't remember his name). One of the most dominant defensive lineman I had ever seen.

Kelly Suksdorf
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